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My prayer – praising the Lord for awakening my heart… February 2, 2012

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“You have filled my heart with greater joy.” Psalm 4:7

Thank you Lord that you have indeed filled my heart with greater joy!

Thank you for quickening my heart – for awakening me from my lukewarm Christian state. Thank you for igniting the flame in my heart. May this Your fire grow in me daily as I bask in Your presence. Keep refining me in you holy fire, Lord!

Forgive me for my materialism, my pride, my temporal earthly thinking. Forgive me for losing sight of, never before fully embracing the call to be a proclaimer of Your Gospel.

You are indeed my joy and my strength. You are indeed the hope of the nations!
I desire Lord to shout Your name to the world. I desire to proclaim Your marvelous plan of redemption to the lost that surround me! Direct my steps. Surround me with people that need you – that are desperate for what only You can give! You will give the words. You will plant the seed.

I step out in faith & complete abandon asking that I be a vessel that brings You glory! I am made to worship You. I desire to worship You. I do not desire things – they are of no value. I don’t desire comfort – stretch me, grow me, change me. I desire to be your disciple. I desire to trust in You alone – To find my joy, my completeness in You.

In You alone there is victory. In You alone there is hope. Nothing compares to You.

You my God are greater still. No sky contains – no doubt restrains all You are. The greatness of my God.

I commit to spending the rest of my life to knowing You more!



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