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I am home – when God changes desires December 12, 2011

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I am in awe of how God brings things to be. How sometimes He gradually changes things in us and other times He just instantly changes us! I have more often experienced the gradual changes but in the last couple months God completely changed a focus of mine without me knowing it was coming!

I have for several years dreamt of living in the country! I live in a subdivision and the thought of even the possibility of living in a subdivision the rest of my life brought me to tears – literally. I loved our home but I wanted/craved/obsessed over land and animals and privacy for years! I wanted goats and chickens and an enormous garden. I spent a lot of time looking at land and country homes on-line. Well, God took that obsession from me here recently almost like the flipping of a light switch! It is obvious He wants me right where I am. I have thought that might be true before and had prayed He’d help me to be content right where I was if it was His plan. But, I guess I didn’t expect such a complete change without warning! LOL. It is a wonderful thing to be at peace where I am – not only in the city I am in but the very house I am in, on the subdivision lot I am in. Thank you Jesus for giving my heart the gift of peace and contentment. Thank you that I am where I want to be not because You moved me but because You changed me! Thank you that I am home!