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Still Your Child July 1, 2011

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July 1, 2011
My prayer in the night…

Cleanse my heart O Lord.
Rid me of all that is contrary to You…
remove all that defiles.
Restore my faith.
My vision is shrouded.
Open my eyes to truth.
Tune my ears to You.
May I not hear the lies of satan.
Break through my rebellious heart.
Soften me, O Lord.
Remove the pride that causes me to stumble.
Rid me of any bitterness.
May I know that I am not forsaken.
Remind me of Your great love.
May I sense Your hand upon me.
Restore the intimacy that we have shared.
Break down any barriers that I have built up.
I miss our precious times together.
Yet Lord my heart feels wounded and untrusting.
It thinks “Will HE really pull through?”
“Does HE really have a plan?”
“Has HE really been in all of this journey with me?”
Heal my heart O Lord.
I want to bask in Your presence.
Forgive me Lord Jesus.
Extend your grace and mercy.
Do not turn Your back on me in anger –
though I deserve Your wrath.
Reach out to me in tenderness and restore me.
Give me great faith that does not waver.
Give me zeal that I might persevere.
Though circumstances all around me be a mystery,
may I fervently believe You have a perfect plan.
May I know that I am safe in Your loving hand.
Thank you LORD that You are my God and
that I am still Your child.


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