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You are my precious lamb April 2, 2011

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You are my Precious Lamb

Copyright © by Joanna White
April 1, 2011

I sat quietly waiting
alongside a dry and dusty path.
Determined not to leave
until I saw HIM pass.

I longed to behold HIM
with mine eyes that day.
Just to get a glimpse of HIS glory
as HE went upon HIS way.

Then came the anticipated moment
when Jesus I could see.
I was enraptured by HIS beauty
as HE walked the path toward me.

His walk was that of great intention
and I wondered where HE might be going.
It surely was very important
for HE showed no sign of slowing.

As HE drew very near
Suddenly my heart began to pound
for HE quickly stopped right in front of me
and sat upon the ground!

His eyes were so endearing
and HE reached HIS hand out to me.
HE said HE had no where else HE was going.
HE came to be with me!

I said “Lord, Who am I that YOU would take delight in?
Who am I that YOU would hold my hand?
Who am I to have such a sacred moment?”
HE said “You are MY precious lamb.”


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