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On You I am calling… March 31, 2011

Filed under: My Journey with Jesus — oldfashionedatheart @ 5:55 pm

On You I am Calling
Copyright © by Joanna White
March 31, 2011

I’ve always seen the glass half full
actually more like overflowing.
Now it’s looking kinda empty…
where is the water going?

I’ve always moved ahead with hope
but right now no progress is showing.
I feel no direction Lord…
I don’t know where I’m going.

My faith feels a little broken…
all vision is waning.
You’ve always been my constant Lord.
Right now I don’t know what You’re saying.

Give me Your thoughts oh Lord
for mine are so conflicting.
Rid me of this confusion…
I need to know what You’re convicting.

I’ve always known Your love for me.
Your affection never swaying.
Right now I feel forgotten.
Yet, I know You hear me praying.

Grip my hand real tight I pray.
I feel like I am falling.
I need You right now Lord.
It’s Your name I’m calling.

Calm my anxious heart oh Lord.
Get me beyond human emotion.
Help me to see Your truth
and trust You with complete devotion.


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