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Trading my dreams for HIS handiwork February 28, 2011

Filed under: My Journey with Jesus,The things I dream of — oldfashionedatheart @ 6:50 pm

Copyright © by Joanna White

My dreams are but an empty fairytale – so far below the realm of HIS handiwork.
When my longings become only YOU then I will see what a barren shell my dreams truly were.

When I look to the future estranging my hopes from YOUR plans, I leave my life void of the greatest blessings YOU long to bestow.

Empty of me my shallow, temporal nature. 

May I no longer live on a lower plain, entrenched in my own thinking, paralyzed by my own self interest.

Set me free from the ideas that entangle me & suppress me. 

Lift me up to the level where YOU live.

There I will find joy far surpassing any fairytale I ever imagined.

My prayer today ~ Joanna White


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