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Diehard Dreamer February 27, 2011

Filed under: My Journey with Jesus,The things I dream of — oldfashionedatheart @ 6:28 pm

One of the hardest things I’m dealing with right now is letting go of my dreams.  It goes so against my nature to let go of my dreams.  For it’s the dreamers who believe, who have a vision, believe in it, pursue it, & see it’s fruition.  Dreamers are the ones who have the courage to run after ideas that others dismiss.  The idea of letting go of my dreams causes overwhelming sadness – a sense of missed opportunity.  I feel squelched.

I ask:  Where is the line of contentment & dreaming?  Do those who are content ever dream?  Are those who dream ever content?  Do those who never long for more miss out on much that could have been or do those who are always longing miss out on the gifts of the present?

Am i willing to give my dreams to the LORD?  Will I entrust HIM with the desires of my heart?

If I surrender my longings & stop dreaming will a part of me be gone?  Will I become someone I am not or in releasing them will there be a new joy that washes over me and opens me up to things I knew not? 

Will God write pages I’d never dreamed… pages that leave my left behind dreams looking empty and foolish?  Will I see that I was living a shell of the life God had for me?  In giving up my individuality will I find who I am?

Walking away from what could have been grieves me to the core.  Yet, maybe what could be can never happen if I won’t give up my dreams to the Lord.


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