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February 5, 2011

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I dream of  a farm house…  an old farm house aged with grace ~ full of charm and character.     A house that speaks of simpler times.  A house that shows it has history and some wear yet strong, sturdy and sensible.  A house that a couple generations from now will be fondly looked back on as that special place where memories were made.

I dream of a red barn out in back of the farmhouse that speaks of purpose.  Not something left for nothing but loved.

I dream of acres of land… whether that be 5 or 20 doesn’t matter so much.  Land where I don’t see neighboring houses at every turn –  land that speaks of quietness and days gone by.   A place to cultivate and grow food on.  A place to raise some animals on.  A place for my children to experience the things of life that are becoming more obsolete.  A place to labor together, a place to cherish together, a place to love on oneanother.

I dream of the country.  I dream of a simple life.   That is why I say I am an oldfashioned girl at heart.


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