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December 18, 2010

Filed under: The things I dream of — oldfashionedatheart @ 7:40 pm

  Apparently I am a Dreamer.

The question was posed “What do you one day dream of?”  I was surprised by the number of people in the room that really had to stop and ponder to come up with a couple things they dreamt of.  7 things quickly came to my mind and 10 without much hesitation.  Given a little time I easily had 15.

Yes, I am a Dreamer.

There is much I enjoy and much I aspire to experience in my earthly lifetime.  Not only did I realize how much I am a dreamer, but I am also a believer in my dreams.  There truly isn’t one of those first 10 dreams that I don’t believe, LORD willing, will someday come true.

I wonder what makes one person a dreamer and another one not.  I would think optimism has to have something to do with it.  For if you never had the hope inside you to believe a dream could come true I don’t imagine you’d spend much time dreaming.

I am happy and thankful to say:  I am a Dreamer.  I am a Believer.  I am an Optimist.

However, I must admit I do think there can be a downside to being a Dreamer.  As a Dreamer, I often get so passionate about my dreams, that if I’m not careful, I miss out on being fully content with where I am in my life and what I am doing right now in the present!

I am reminded today that right now I am living a dream I imagined many, many years ago.  For that I am thankful.  I pray that I may fully embrace the dream that I am living right now – Yet, in the meantime keep alive  dreams for the future!


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