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They are not my children. September 30, 2010

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I just started doing the “Entrusted with a Child’s Heart” women’s study.
Today when I was sitting in the class something hit me:  My children are not my children – they are the LORD’s children.
Yes, I’d heard that concept before but I hadn’t truly got it. What the LORD brought into my mind was how when I leave my children with my parents they are simply watching them. I am entrusting the children’s care to them but my husband and I are  still their parents. Because my children are not their own children, my parents inquire and want to know how my husband and I want them to handle different situations with our girls. They respect that we are the parents, the authority over these children, and they realize that we know each of these children more intimately than them.  They serve us lovingly by heeding our instruction and caring for our girls for us.

Copyright © by Joanna White

My children are not my own – they are God’s children. 

What this means to me:
My children actually belong to God. He has just entrusted my husband and I to care for them for HIM! Wow. Somehow when I really look at it like I’m “baby sitting” God’s children it makes me see things a lot differently. I wouldn’t want to usurp HIS authority over them. I need to be looking to HIM as to how to handle things with them, how to train them. HE knows them more intimately than me.
It makes me aware of how valuable these precious children are and yet it also takes the weight off my shoulders a bit. They are HIS. If I will wait for HIS direction in each situation HE will tell me what to do. HE is a skilled, experienced parent!  They are not my children – they are HIS.

Thanks for this down to earth illustration for me today LORD!


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