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Christianity… we make it too complicated. July 20, 2010

Filed under: My Journey with Jesus — oldfashionedatheart @ 6:58 pm
I love this article. The LORD has been beginning to open my eyes to what it means to “Walk in the Spirit”. I am convinced that we make Christianity much harder than it is. I agree, as this article indicates, that it truly comes down to simply walking in the Spirit. How often we are bogged down by sins from the past (that the LORD has forgiven) or are fretting over tomorrow rather than walking in the present with Jesus!! Walking in the Spirit is a present tense activity!

Thank you Jesus for leading me to this article. You knew how much I needed to comprehend the simplicity of what You desire of me.

Walking in the Spirit by A. Gene Veal

“Many Christians are so burdened with the heavy load of law. They are bent low with such a sorrowful sense of failing. They always talk about what a “wretch” they are, or they simply try to ignore how far short they fall from the standard they believe the Bible teaches them to live. I would rather talk about the victory I have in Jesus than the failure I am certain to experience in the flesh. Law makes you focus on yourself. Grace allows you to focus on Jesus.
For those who think they have at least ten things to live up to, I have great news. There is only ONE thing you must do to be successful in your Christian walk. WALK IN THE SPIRIT. If you do this one thing consistently your whole life will change. It is “easy.” It is “light.”… read the entire article here


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